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Good Old Print

By Joe Benson

In December 2020, we took on some design work which involved print design. In this case, business cards and clothing (T-shirts, Hoodies etc). There’s definitely something special about having a physical, tangible final product. But perhaps with the exception of clothing, there’s no denying that the printing industry has been on a slow and steady decline for many years now. Certain aspects of it like printed Newspapers and Magazines are prominent examples of this because of the way media is consumed now.

The main way media is consumed now is of course online, most importantly through mobile devices. We have a whole generation now who are very adept at navigating a Smartphone and getting the most out of it’s functionality and have never picked up a Newspaper. This could be argued as great progression because of not only the environmental impacts, but also from the content creators point of view, there’s cost and efficiency (there’s no time to wait to go to print) . The list goes on.

This doesn’t mean, however, that print should be looked at as an “outdated” form of advertising, marketing or promotion. On the contrary, I believe it still has and will continue to have it’s uses in the market which digital simply cannot replicate.

Make no mistake, print media is still huge and widely-used in the form of letters, leaflets, business cards and promotional clothing as I mentioned earlier, you even have the more-prominent-than-ever face masks which more and more companies are starting to have fully branded versions of. (This would be a good time to mention that we now offer the design, and print if you need it, of fully customised face masks!)

There are many other creative ways in which print can be used to your brand’s advantage like custom promotional items. For example, branded USB Sticks, Coffee Mugs, Phone Cases, Frisbees and this is another list that goes on! I know someone who once had the ingenious idea of sending mini branded Cricket Bats to their clients as invitations to a Cricket Festival!

I believe it’s creative and personal examples like this where print can really come in to it’s own. These are the types of practices that can really extend your brand and work in perfect harmony with your website, Social Media and any other online presence. Print is still an important part of your brand and should not be forgotten any time soon.

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Advertising, Branding, Clothing, Marketing, Print, Print Design

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