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The Brand of Customer Service

By Joe Benson

The term “Customer Service” is quite a broad one. Not only does it mean the service you are provided with pre-sales and post-sales by the person or people you’re dealing with at a company, but in my opinion, it also covers the whole user/customer experience from start to finish, from the moment they come across your business, online or offline. Customer service should be seen as an extension of your brand.

It’s very easy for companies to have a reduction in quality and consistency of customer service, the larger they get. I recently had an issue with a certain large Social Media platform which simply never got resolved and no matter how hard I tried to get through to them on multiple platforms, I was/am being completely ignored. This particular company seems to be able to get away with arguably non-existent customer service because of their size and position in the market.

I’ve also had good experiences with large companies of course where an individual helping me goes above and beyond to resolve whatever my issue might be. When this occurs, I always make sure to give feedback about the individual in question, because they deserve the recognition. The same goes for the smaller businesses who, in my experience, tend to provide a more consistently high level of customer service and a more personal one.

Is it possible to maintain the same high level of customer service as your company grows? The answer is absolutely yes, but so many elements and processes must be introduced as the size of the team providing the service increases. But there is no reason the standard of customer service/support should decrease because the size of the company increases.

As I write this, Intuition Design is small. This means my colleague and I are in a position to provide a very personal, consistent and consultative level of customer service. Regardless of which of our services we provide you with, we will be contactable, responsive and keep you in the loop every step of the way (in the design process, for example). This is a level of customer service I have always strived to provide.

One of the most important elements of providing great customer service is to do what you say you will do; if you say you will get back to someone at a certain time or date, do it. If something happens and you can’t do this, let your customer know as soon as possible and re-arrange. Communication is key. Another important element is to be personal; where possible, your customer should have one point of contact who will handle the whole process and be very clear when/if it comes to handing over to another colleague. This way the customer knows exactly what is going on and who they’re dealing with at any given time. Finally, I would say that being polite and courteous is a simple but often forgotten element of customer service.

To sum up the elements above and echo my previous sentiment, communication is key. A high level of customer service simply cannot be achieved without it and that service is one of the things your customer remembers you for. Just like your branding, advertising, product or service. Customer service really should be seen as part of your brand. At Intuition Design, we’re proud to provide our clients with this level of customer service.

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