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Attention to Detail

By Joe Benson

Joe here again,

I was checking my messages on LinkedIn yesterday and I noticed that the icons in the main menu subtly change when you’re on the page in question. For example, if you’re in Messaging then you click on Home, the house icon for Home becomes a house with a chimney and it’s something similar for the other options. I love this kind of detail and appreciate it wherever I see it. It shows to me that care and thought has gone in to the creation of something. It adds “polish”.

This got me thinking about the importance of attention to detail. When it comes to any type of design work, attention to detail is absolutely key in terms of ensuring consistency and quality in whatever might be being designed. As far as Intuition Design is concerned, I’d like to use the example of branding.

In successful branding, there should at least be one recognisable symbol and colour. Of course there’s no rules or law about it, but when you look at the most well-known brands globally, they all share similar traits in terms of their approach to maintaining public knowledge and familiarity with their brands.

It’s the consistent attention to detail across the board that helps make this happen. I have come across a huge number of small businesses in the past who understandably don’t have a consistent brand image. For example, the sign on the shop front is different to the logo on their website or printed media. Or a Restaurant has a completely different logo and set of colours for their menu which isn’t seen elsewhere and sometimes it feels like you’re being given the menu of somewhere else! I’ve even seen cases where they have their own domain name for their website and right underneath it, they have “” or something similar. So close!

This is not the “fault” of the owners of these businesses, it’s just that they do what they do best and this type of concept isn’t necessarily on their radar. They just want to be contactable which is a given.

My point is I couldn’t name a single one of these businesses where I’ve seen examples of this, because unless you’re able to note down the details of these businesses in the moment, there’s no way you will remember who they are, even if you remember what they do.

It works both ways too; I’ve seen local businesses who brand things very effectively, using everything from websites to vehicles and I remember these brands because they have a great attention to detail when it comes to branding and every other aspect of their businesses.

At Intuition Design, we always make sure to execute this all-important attention to detail, so a good place to start if the above examples are something you can relate to is our Brand Review service. There’s no obligation and we can highlight exactly what needs to be brought into line and also how it can be done. If you want us to take it all off your hands, then our DesignPlus service would be the way to go and you can read the previous blog post about it here, or go to the DesignPlus page to find out more about the options.

So next time you’re using a website, or walking down the High Street where you’ll likely see lots of store fronts and company vehicles, just take a look for the well-branded businesses and you’ll see that the chances are that you have seen them before and remember the name.

Thanks for reading and be safe,



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