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Welcome to our new website!

By Joe Benson

“Hello World” as they say!

Well, this is a very exciting post! Not only because I get to introduce you to our brand new website, but also because this is our first ever Blog post! To introduce myself, I’m Joe and I run Intuition Design with a colleague.

With the completion of the Intuition Design website (and Intuition Hosting on the way), we are now able to offer a variety of great design services including Full Brand Design, Existing Brand Review, Website Design (including Graphic Design), Logo Design, Social Media Design and Hosting Services. The Hosting Services are currently only provided through our DesignPlus service (more on that in another post because it deserves its own!) but soon we will be able to offer more comprehensive Hosting options through Intuition Hosting.

I’ve linked each of the services above to their own individual pages, so please have a look if any of them sound interesting to you, or if you would just like to know more about Intuition Design in general.

You may have noticed the name Kali Marketing in some places on our website and Social Media pages. Intuition Design is owned and operated by Kali Marketing Ltd who offer a wide range of information, techniques and tool recommendations to help your marketing campaigns. Intuition Design was essentially created because of the amount of websites we have made for Kali Marketing Ltd which then led us to carrying out work for other businesses and the rest stemmed from there. It’s like it started a life of its own!

Despite this, Intuition Design was a passion project for me which had inadvertently been in the works for years. Design has always been a personal love of mine and a hobby. Since my school days, I have always loved drawing things for friends which later turned in to designing things for friends (who remembers MySpace?!). Over the coming years, if any friends of mine started businesses, or needed any work done, I would always volunteer to help simply for the love of creating things and nothing else. Helping friends is good too I suppose! This led to something of a “personal portfolio” which I’m very proud of. Now this passion has somehow morphed in to a business and I couldn’t be happier.

It goes without saying what a crazy year 2020 has been for literally everyone in the world with Covid-19 and the impact this has had on everyone personally and in business, so perhaps starting Intuition Design in the same year could be seen as equally crazy, but I just have so much confidence in the service we’re providing.

I think the best businesses are local businesses because usually, they have the same passion behind them as I mentioned above. You know there is a certain pride in the service they provide and you can almost always be sure you will get the best quality of product or service. I’d like to replicate that high level of customer service I’ve found in almost every local business I’ve ever come across in the past.

I could talk about our services all day long, but I’ll save you the essay and just welcome you to our new website, I hope you enjoy browsing through it as much as we enjoyed putting it together and I really hope the passion shines through.

Thank you very much for reading our first blog post and I look forward to writing more in the very near-future.

Thanks and stay healthy,



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